Gale Force Esports–Analyzing the roster shuffle



As most fans are already aware, yesterday Gale Force Esports announced a change to their roster. They have released Equinox and Khroen from the starting lineup. The split appears to be largely amicable between all parties (which certainly speaks to an elevation in the professionalism of the organization since the drama around Fury’s departure).

Now, for the general HOTS fanbase this news is met with PTSD-levels of disappointment. We’ve been subject to many so-called “rosterpocalypse” events in the past, and this change likely signals another such event. However, I believe the actual roster decision itself warrants further scrutiny, and has the potential to be good for all parties involved. Today, I want to examine this change from the perspective of all three parties–Equinox, Khroen, and GFE–and discuss how the move can be beneficial for each, and how it could ultimately be yet another reactionary decision that does not address any…

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