Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship Day 3: Deciding Match


The final match of Day 3 between Please Buff Arthas (PBA) and Gale Force Esports (GFE) will decide which team advances to the Round of 8 on Saturday, and who will be packing their bags for the summer season.

3- match 2 maps.png
Day 3 Match 3 Battleground Choices

Game 1, Battlefield of Eternity

The first battleground for PBA vs GFE is Battlefield of Eternity, yet again. Will GFE be able to recover from their recent loss?

3 - match 3 game 1 draft.png
Match 3 Game 1 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Please Buff Arthas

PBA was able to secure first blood by taking down Lunara, but during the 1st immortal battle GFE double killed Tracer and Sonya. They rotated 2 heroes to defend their half health immortal while the rest of the team took down PBA’s immortal. GFE won the first immortal, and was able to get the top Fort halfway down.

With a half level lead in experience and a ton of damage, GFE is able to melt away the 2nd immortals health. GFE marched on by killing Muradin and Falstad and winning the 2nd immortal fight. The second immortal takes down the bottom Fort, pushing GFE’s level advantage to 11-9. The immortal continues pushing to take down the bottom Keep.

Using a great combo, PBA kills Rehgar and takes the top siege camp. During the 3rd immortal, GFE kills Sonya and Uther and is able to secure yet another immortal. This immortal demolishes the top keep. PBA retaliates by killing GFE’s Lunara and Li-Ming while losing their own Tracer.

GFE gets to level 16 before the 4th immortal, and with their level advantage they wipe PBA’s entire team. Ignoring the immortal, GFE easily sweeps through the enemy Core to win Game 1.

To close out Game 1, Gale Force Esports led with 12 takedowns to Please Buff Arthas’ 5. The game ended just shy of 17 minutes.

Game 2, Sky Temple: 

The second map is Sky Temple, can Please Buff Arthas come back and force a Game 3?

3 - match 3 game 2 draft.png
Match 3 Game 2 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Please Buff Arthas

GFE focuses on the wrong lane as the game begins, leaving PBA to burst down a tower in the top lane. However, GFE is able to secure the first kill of the game against PBA’s Thrall. During the 2nd temple spawn, GFE takes the first half of the temple without contest, but PBA is able to finish off the second half of the temple. This allows PBA to hit level 10 first.

In the bottom lane, PBA is able to catch Tassadar off guard and kill him. They lock down the fort with Sylvanas and are able to chase and kill Li-Ming. They proceed to destroy both the bottom and middle fort with a strong force of 4. When the 3rd temple spawns, PBA takes the bottom lane temple while GFE takes the mid. GFE loses Tassadar again, while PBA then takes the boss. Both teams are at level 13 at this point. However, the boss isn’t able to do a lot of damage, while GFE is able to knock down the outer walls of the top lane Keep. Afterwards, Tassadar dies again.

While the front half of the game left Tassadar dying 3 times in a row, the end of the game featured Johanna perishing 3 times in a row. After killing Johanna for the 3rd time, PBA uses the 4v5 advantage and takes the boss while both teams are at level 16. While pushing with the boss, PBA destroys the bottom keep and is able to destroy the core for the win.

To close out Game 2, Please Buff Arthas led in takedowns with 7, while Gale Force Esports only had 2. Please Buff Arthas plays a great game picking off individual heroes to win and force a Game 3.

Game 3, Infernal Shrines:

On Infernal Shrines, the second Diablo map of the series, who will move on to the Round of 8?

Match 3 game 3 draft.png
Match 3 Game 3 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Please Buff Arthas

Despite her massive damage potential, Lunara is very weak – especially at the beginning of the game. PBA capitalized on this and eliminated Lunara for first blood within the first 30 seconds of the game. GFE turned around and revenge killed Sonya 1 minute later. The fight for the first shrine was pretty even, and although PBA is able to kill Zeratul, they lose Sonya, Falstad and the 1st punisher of the game.

During the 2nd shrine, GFE is able to kill Falstad again. Both teams hit level 10 around the same time. Lunara dies, but GFE secures the 2nd punisher. Pushing in the bottom lane, GFE and their punisher kill Johanna, Sonya and Falstad. During this very long fight over the 2nd shrine and punisher, PBA’s siege camp nearly destroys GFE’s top Fort (this is more important later on in the game).

In between punishers 2 and 3, GFE is able to isolate Falstad in the top lane and kill him. During the 3rd shrine, the teams trade Kael’thas for Johanna, but GFE is able to take the 3rd punisher and push to kill Uther. However, they lose ETC and Lunara in the process. During the 4th shrine, ETC and Kael’thas are killed, letting PBA grab their first punisher of the game. This immortal passes through an empty top lane and destroys GFE’s top Keep.

PBA hits level 20 first, and wins the 5th shrine despite losing Greymane, Falstad and Sonya. Rather than defend, GFE pushes to take the top Keep, while losing their own bottom Keep. With even levels and everyone rested and ready, the two teams meet in the top lat at the 6th shrine. After a lengthy and exciting battle, Kael’thas dies, but GFE is able to kill Falstad and Uther (twice due to level 20 resurrection). GFE then hearths back to restore health and mana, getting to the shrine a little late. With 3 members, PBA sneaks into the bottom lane to destroy GFE’s core and win the game.

To close out Game 3, I honestly don’t have the takedown counts. The last few minutes were so tense and exciting I wasn’t able to catch the number!

3- Final Group B bracket.png
Final Group B Bracket at the end of Day 3

Using a backdoor Core snipe, PBA is able to take a lost team fight and turn it into a win, earning a spot in the Round of 8. Please Buff Arthas wins the series 2-1.

3- final 1st group standings.png
Final First Group Stage Standings

In addition, the stream announced the groups for the Second Group Stage beginning Saturday:

3 -2nd Group pairings.png
Summer Global Championship 2nd Group Pairings


Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship Day 3: mYinsanity vs Gale Force Esports


Day 3 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship is upon us! Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the second match of the day is the first group winner’s bracket between Europe’s mYinsanity and North America’s Gale Force Esports. The winner of this match will be advancing to the group of 8, while the loser will have to turn around and play a deciding match to stay in the tournament.

3 - match 2 battlegrounds.png
Match 2 Battleground choices: mYinsanity vs Gale Force Esports

mYinsanity looked to be in great form during day 1, sweeping away Please Buff Arthas with ease. Gale Force Esports had a lot of trouble against Big Gods on day 1, but were able to overcome travel delays and no practice time to win the series 2-1. Now with rest and relaxation under their belt, can Gale Force Esports (GFE) overcome the well-oiled machine that is mYinsanity (mYi) and their massive damage builds?

Game 1, Infernal Shrines:

We’re seeing a lot of Diablo themed maps in this tournament, and Infernal Shrines just adds to that list.

3- match 2 game 1 draft
Match 2 Game 1 Full Draft, mYinsanity vs Gale Force Esports

The fight over the 1st shrine was extremely even, but once mYi was able to take out GFE’s Thrall, GFE was forced to retreat and give the 1st shrine in the middle over to mYi. As the punisher pushes, GFE soaks all 3 lanes while defending the early game punisher with 3 heroes. Despite getting the punisher, mYi only takes a half level lead on experience.

GFE shows how much damage they can put out by grabbing their first kill against Kharazim in the mid lane. Before the 2nd shrine, GFE pushes the bottom lane hard and forces mYi to retreat. After killing Sonya during the 2nd shrine fight in the bottom lane, GFE wins the war over the 2nd immortal. Due to a previous experience lead, mYi hits level 10 first.

Showing some more aggressive play, GFE steals mYi’s siege camp, and mYi blows through their Mighty Gust with no reward. Yet again, GFE is able to catch one hero off guard and blows up Sonya. At 8:30, the 3rd shrine in the top lane spawns, and GFE kills Sonya and pushes against the top wall. mYi saves their Anub’arak with a perfectly timed Divine Palm. GFE wins the 3rd punisher and uses it to take the top fort. GFE continues their aggressive push by taking mYi’s bruisers and demolishing Anub’arak’s health pool for another kill.

After the 4th shrine spawns, GFE is able to blow up Anub’arak again, and they are able to take the 4th shrine in the bottom lane. As their punisher pushes the bottom lane, GFE overextends into the middle lane and loses all 5 of their heroes, creating a massive turning point in Game 1.

After their heroes respawn, GFE attempts for the top keep, but loses Rehgar in the process. mYi hits level 20 to GFE’s level 18, and mYi are able to take the 5th shrine for the punisher in the top lane. mYi pushes with their punisher, but GFE still hasn’t hit level 20. mYi takes the top keep, and while they are retreating there was a lot of back and forth between the two teams.

The 6th shrine spawns 21 minutes in in the bottom lane. mYi kills ETC after a slow initiation to the team fight. GFE quickly spirals as they lose Sylvanas, Rehgar, and then Kael’thas. mYi abandons the shrine and pushes for the Core to win.

To close out Game 1, Gale Force Esports led takedowns with 11 to mYinsanity’s 6, but mYinsanity pulled off a win just shy of 24 minutes.

Even through GFE was the aggressor throughout the game, mYinsanity’s 5-0 team wipe completely changed the momentum of the game in favor of mYinsanity. Overall, a great start to this North America – Europe match up.

Game 2, Dragon Shire: 

I was personally very excited to see Dragon Shire as one of the chosen maps for Match 2, so let’s see how the game played out!

3 - match 2 game 2 draft.png
Match 2 Game 2 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs mYinsanity

The beginning of the game was a very slow back and forth with no takedowns, and the teams were even up to level 7. GFE was able to secure first blood by killing Thrall in the top lane, and Kharazim in the middle lane. Although GFE takes their own bruisers, the shrines are still even 1-1 6 minutes in. GFE with the small experience lead hits level 10 first. After a long game of chicken on hiding Kharazim’s level 10 pick, 7-sided strike comes out to put massive damage on Muradin, forcing him to retreat and mYi is able to pick up a kill on Rehgar. After losing Tassadar, GFE is able to hold off the dragon pick up by reclaiming the top shrine.

mYi kills Sonya, but GFE is able to retaliate and take down both Kael’thas as well as Thrall using the Li-Ming cooldown reset. After respawning, GFE kills Kael’thas yet again in the bottom lane, 13 minutes in with no dragon pick ups. After Stiches lands an amazing hook onto a blinking Li-Ming, mYi is able to kill Li-Ming and take the first dragon of the game at 14:30. mYi is able to take down the middle fort with the dragon.

Right before the second shrines pop up, GFE is able to kill both Kharazim and Stitches. They move on to kill Greymane and take the 2nd dragon to try and even the game up. From here on out, the game is all about Stitches and his hook. mYi hooks Sonya and destroys her, taking the dragon before Sonya is able to respawn. Although the dragon is massively damaged in attempting to take out the middle keep, Stitches lands another amazing hook on Rehgar, killing him, then Tassadar. mYi proceeds to target and destroy the core.

To close out Game 2, both teams ended with 9 takedowns after a long, intense battle. mYinsanity wins the series 2-0.

3 - standings after match 2.png
Full Standings after Match 2 of Day 3

GFE played a great game, but mYi’s insane hooks were able to swing momentum in their favor for the win. mYinsanity moves on to the 2nd Group Stage, while Gale Force Esports needs to turn around and win again Please Buff Arthas to stay in the tournament.

3 - bracket after match 2.png
Group B Bracket after Match 2

Thanks for checking out my recap on Match 2!

Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship Day 3: Please Buff Arthas vs Big Gods


Day 3 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship is upon us! Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the first match of the day is the first group loser’s bracket between Taiwan’s Please Buff Arthas and Brazil’s Big Gods. The winner of this match will be advancing to a deciding match also during Day 3, while the loser will be knocked out of the tournament.

Standings at beginning of day 3
Overall Standings at the beginning of Day 3

Since we are in the loser’s bracket, both of these teams obviously lost on Day 1. Everything is on the line for both of these groups.

Match 1 Battlegrounds
Day 1 Match 1 Battleground Picks: Please Buff Arthas vs Big Gods

Game 1, Battlefield of Eternity:

Game 1 for Please Buff Arthas (PBA) and Big Gods (BG) brings us to a map we’ve seen a lot so far with this Summer Global Championship, Battlefield of Eternity.

3 - Match 1-1 draft.png
Match 1 Game 1 Full Draft: Please Buff Arthas vs Big Gods

Big Gods came out swinging in Game 1, and they did so right off the bat. 38 seconds into Game 1 they quickly burned through PBA’s Falstad for first blood. About 1 minute later, they did the same thing to PBA’s Muradin to lead in takedowns early at 2-0.

For the first immortal, the teams left one another alone and instead chose to race for damage, with PBA narrowly winning control over the first immortal. BG took their frustration over the lost race out, killing one PBA hero right after the 1st objective ended.

During the fight for the 2nd immortal, PBA’s Sonya was caught alone in the top lane, but BG committed too many resources to killing her, losing their second immortal in a row. Although PBA hits level 10 first, BG follows shortly after.

In the first major team fight with their heroics, PBA kicked things off with a very aggressive Muradin Dwarf Toss, and while he was lost, PBA used Mighty Gust to isolate BG’s ETC and picked off 3 additional heroes on the chase. The team fight ended 4-2 in PBA’s favor, were the first kills for PBA.

After winning the 3rd immortal spawn, PBA leads with Sonya and kills Greymane, ETC, and Tassadar on a great push of the top lane. Although Sonya is lost after knocking out the top Keep, the heavily shielded immortal continues to push to the Core, and PBA follows suit. PBA kills the newly respawned Greymane, and is able to destroy the Core for the win.

To close out Game 1, Please Buff Arthas led takedowns with 11 to Big Gods’ 9. The game ended shy of 14 minutes.

While leading early in kills, Big Gods weren’t able to take a single immortal or take out a single fort. Please Buff Arthas won 2 large team fights, all 3 immortals, and were able to push hard with the 3rd immortal for the win.

Game 2, Sky Temple: 

Game 2 featured another heavily picked battleground for this tournament, Sky Temple. Can Big Gods rally and force a Game 3?

3- match 1 game 2 draft.png
Match 1 Game 2 Full Draft: Please Buff Arthas vs Big Gods

Game 2 began in a very typical Sky Temple fashion, with each team knocked down some small structures before stalling for the first objective spawn. BG was able to secure first blood on Sylvanas, who was split pushing at the 2 minute mark. Big Gods takes the ending shots on the top temple spawn, and is able to rotate down and steal the ending shots of the mid temple, gaining a slight experience lead. Big Gods is able to kill a very overextended Muradin.

Big Gods secures a kill on Tyrael after the 2nd temple spawns on the bottom, but Sylvanas is split pushing the top lane and is able to take down the fort despite Falstad’s defense. Although Big Gods hits level 10 first, they don’t initiate a fight with the level advantage, and PBA is able to catch up.

After level 10, PBA is able to win a team fight 3-0 by killing Johanna, Thrall and Rehgar. As the 3rd temples spawn in bottom and mid lanes, the teams look like they are just going to trade temples. PBA holds the mid and BG has the bottom, but BG rotates up for a fight. PBA loses Slyvanas, Greymane and Tyrael while they knock out BG’s Li-Ming. PBA finishes the middle temple and BG finishes the bottom one.

After BG hits level 16 first, they make an aggressive move to take the boss with the level advantage, but PBA’s bulkier team is able to not only steal the boss, but kill Johanna, Li-Ming and Thrall. They push to knock out BG’s bottom keep and take the 4th temple spawn at the bottom of the map.

Trying to pick a fight and swing the game back in their favor, BG initiates a team fight and focuses on PBA’s Muradin. Muradin proves what it takes to be a tank and soaks a massive amount of damage, allowing PBA to turn the fight around and kill Thrall, Johanna and Rehgar. PBA moves on and takes the middle keep. They rotate up and take the top temple, the 5th objective spawn. The top temple destroys the BG’s top keep. BG decides to fight while 2 levels behind PBA’s level 20, and PBA wipes 4 BG heroes (everyone except Johanna). PBA destroys the Core and wins the series.

To close out Game 2, Please Buff Arthas led takedowns with 16 to Big Gods’ 6.

Just like Game 1, Please Buff Arthas had a slow start and trailed in takedowns, but continually won huge, slow team fights after level 10, taking control of the game. Ultimately, Big Gods made some odd choices on starting team fights when they didn’t need to.

Please Buff Arthas wins the series 2-0 and advances to the Deciding Match, knocking out Big Gods from the tournament.

3 - bracket after match 1.png
Group B Bracket following Match 1 on Day 3

Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship First Group: Gale Force Esports vs Big Gods


It’s Day 1 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship! Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the 4th and final match of the day was between North America’s Gale Force Esports and Brazil’s Big Gods.

BattleGrounds Match 4
Match 4 Battleground Choices

Game 1 Sky Temple: 

Game 1 was one-sided and ended at 17:48, but the results were vastly different than the casters and many viewers expected. Even though the smaller region Big Gods were the underdog, they effectively dominated Gale Force Esports in Game 1.

Match 4 Game 1 Full Draft
Match 4 Game 1 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Big Gods

The first kill in Game 1 is a great representation of what was to come. Big Gods was able to catch Mike Udall’s Greymane off guard and body blocked him from retreating behind his own wall. Throughout the match, Gale Force Esports tried to set up plays and make things happen, but Big Gods consistently blocked them at every turn.

Big Gods was able to secure more of the temple shots from the first objective, which gave them a 1 level lead. This lead grew as they were able to take most of the second temple at the bottom lane and hit level 10 first. At this point, BG had 5 takedowns while Gale Force Esports was still sitting with 0.

Gale Force Esports is able to get a kill here and there, but once the 4th set of temples appear, Big Gods finishes taking control of the game with a 4-0 team fight and boss. After poor positioning while trying to hit level 16, GFE loses another team fight 0-3, and Udall’s Greymane jumps into a 2v5 fight to die. Eventually, Big Gods is able to secure another devastating 4-0 team fight victory and pushes Core to win the match.

Overall, Big Gods had 19 takedowns, and Gale Force Esports had 3.

Game 2 Tomb of the Spider Queen:

Game 2 was the most exciting game throughout Day 1, and both teams played a great game. Gale Force Esports was able to snatch the victory after a rough start and a very lengthy battle.

Match 4 Game 2
Match 4 Game 2 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Big Gods

Big Gods drew first blood by stunning and blowing up Mike Udall’s Illidan, which was then repeated again shortly after. BG was able to turn in web weavers first. When Gale Force Esports is able to turn in, they cannot capitalize and aren’t able to push with the web weavers. This allows BG to hit level 10 first.

Gale Force Esports is able to get their first kill, as well as their second turn in. The is followed up by Big Gods turning in for a second time. After a 5-1 team wipe in favor of GFE, they snag both the boss and web weavers, and hit level 20 first. Another 2-0 team fight allows GFE to take the top Keep, they rotate to attack the middle Keep and Illidan is able to dive into killing an additinal BG hero. This let’s GFE go straight to the Core and win Game 2.

Overall, Gale Force Esports had 14 takedowns to a very close Big Gods’ 12.

Game 3 Cursed Hollow: 

Game 3 was another close one, with momentum swinging in both directions, and the upper hand being swapped back and forth for the majority of the game.

Match 3 Game 3 Full Draft
Match 4 Game 3 Full Draft: Gale Force Esports vs Big Gods

Gale Force Esports found themselves out of position early on, and Big Gods capitalized, taking down to solo GFE heroes and then rotating to grab the first tribute. Despite losing their top fort, GFE was able to keep the experience bar even by soaking each lane.

Big Gods was able to kill off both Muradin and Sylvanas to gain the second tribute of the map, but Gale Force Esports trapped a wandering Rehgar and decimated him. After a 0-2 team fight, GFE grabs their own boss and forces BG to waste most of their newly acquired curse by defending a strong push in top lane.

After a few tradeoff team fights, Gale Force Esports is able to win a fight 2-0 and proceeds to destroy Big Gods’ bottom Keep. They keep the pressure on and nearly win after another great team fight that favors them 4-0. However, GFE’s Falstad pushes too far by himself and dies, leaving GFE to back off of attempting Core to win the game. Even though they retreat and lose another hero, both the top and bottom lanes are pushing on core, knocking it down to 75% with only minions and mercenaries.

Although Gale Force Esports hits level 20 first to Big Gods’ level 18, each team plays extremely conservatively due to high respawn times and the stakes of the game. Eventually, GFE is able to pick off one BG hero, and goes for their own boss. BG attempts a desperate steal to try and stay in the game, but loses all 4 of their remaining heroes and loses the game and match.

Overall, Gale Force Esports wins with 15 takedowns to Big Gods’ 13.

Bracket B at end of Day 1
Bracket B at the end of Day 1

Gale Force Esports takes the series 2-1.

That wraps up Day of the Summer Heroes Global Championship!

Overall Standings after Day 1
Standings at the end of HGC Day 1

Heroes of the Storm SGC First Group: mYinsanity vs Please Buff Arthas


It’s Day 1 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship, held in Stockholm, Sweden. The 3rd match of the day was between Europe’s mYinsanity and Taiwan’s Please Buff Arthas.

Battlegrounds Match 3
Battleground choices for Match 3

Game 1 Battlefield of Eternity:

Game 1 was extremely one-sided in favor of mYinsanity, lasting less than 14 minutes.

Match 3 Game 1 Full Draft
Match 3 Game 1 full draft: mYinsanity vs Please Buff Arthas

This first game was all about solid stuns and burst damage for mYinsanity. Taking both Muradin and Tyrande allowed for initial stuns to begin team fights, while Hunter’s Mark, Li-Ming and Lunara ripped through health. Additionally, Rehgar’s heals were on point, leaving every mYinsanity hero in tact throughout the game.

mYinsanity drew first blood by obliterating both Falstad and Tyrael in no time. mYinsanity won both the first immortal, as well as a 3-0 team fight. Things began to look up for PBA when they were able to steal the top lane siege giants, but they ended up losing 2 heroes in the process.

Going into the 2nd immortal, mYinsanity held a 2 level lead, and hit level 10 first. The 2nd immortal push allows mYinsanity to take the top keep. Things just kept rolling from there, as mYinsanity took the 3rd immortal, pushed through the bottom keep, and continued on to knock out PBA’s Core.

Overall, mYinsanity had 10 takedowns while PBA had 0. Every PBA defense was destroyed, while mYinsanity retained all of their major fortifications.

Game 2 Tomb of the Spider Queen:

During the draft for Game 2, an error displayed PBA as having drafted Anub’arak instead of Li-Ming, confusing not only viewers, but mYinsanity. After the draft was clarified and finalized, PBA still couldn’t overcome mYinsanity.

Match 3 Game 2 Full Draft
Match 3 Game 2 full draft: mYinsanity vs Please Buff Arthas

Thankfully, the team fights in Game 2 were much much interesting and balanced. Please Buff Arthas actually drew first blood by taking down their namesake, Arthas. However, they lost their Muradin and Xul shortly after mYinsanity turned in their first set of gems. This swing in momentum brought mYsanity to a 1 level lead, and let them hit level 10 first.

The observer doesn’t catch how Muradin dies next, but PBA is able to catch up after they win a team fight 2-0. They didn’t stay on top for long, as a drastic mis play has PBA losing a team fight 3-1. The worst part of this loss was that their Sonya had 45 gems, and PBA lost all of them due to poor decision-making.

After another kill on Xul and the 3rd gem turn-in, mYinsanity pushed towards a 2 level lead. After a fizzled out team fight, PBA splits up which let’s mYinsanity isolate and kill 3 PBA heroes, with a 4th as a follow-up. With only Li-Ming remaining, mYinsanity pushes forward and takes down the PBA Core.

Overall, mYinsanity had 12 takedowns to Please Buff Arthas’ 5.

Group Standings after Match 3
Group Standings after Match 3

mYinsanity takes the series 2-0.

Heroes of the Storm SGC First Group: Negative Synergy vs X-Team


It’s Day 1 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship! Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the 2nd match of the day was between Australia’s Negative Synergy and China’s X-Team.

BattleGrounds Match 2
Battleground choices for Match 2

Game 1: Battlefield for Eternity

Game 1 featured a lot of great merc-timing, but was fairly one-sided in favor of China’s X-Team.

Match 2 Game 1 Full Draft
Full draft, Game 1: Negative Synergy vs X-Team

Following some technical difficulties between Match 1 and Match 2, Negative Synergy and X-Team had a brief pause nearly 1 minute into their first game. Once the game resumed, viewers ended up missing most of the team fight that ended with X-Team drawing first blood.

Although Abathur didn’t soak perfectly throughout the game, his presence kept X-Team ahead in experience and gave Negative Synergy something to worry about during the lengthy first immortal fight. After a lot of small pokes and prods, X-Team killed Negative Synergy’s Sonya and was able to take the first immortal for themselves.

X-Team’s tanky and shield-filled composition was hard for Negative Synergy to damage, leading X-Team to hit level 10 first, and take the 2nd immortal. During the 3rd immortal fight, X-Team had already taken all but one merc camp, and obliterated half of the immortal’s health before moving back temporarily to capture their own bruisers – then finished off the immortal after a 4-1 team fight.

The most entertaining section of day 1 so far occurred at the 15 minute mark, when X-Team was attempting to finish off the core, as they lost all 4 of their offensive heroes with only 1% of the Negative Synergy core left.  Unfortunately, there was nothing Negative Synergy could do with this turnaround, because both of their keeps were already demolished.

Overall, X-Team had 11 takedowns and Negative Synergy had 8. The game officially ended at 17:49, although X-Team had knocked down Negative Synergy’s core to 1% 2 minutes earlier.

Game 2: Sky Temple 

X-Team somewhat matched MVP Black’s dominating Game 2 performance, and Negative Synergy just could not pull anything together.

Match 2 Game 2 Full Draft
Full draft, Game 2: Negative Synergy vs X-Team

Although X-Team was able to get the first kill, Negative Synergy quickly avenged their fallen teammate. Unfortunately, this back-and-forth would not last throughout the game. The first set of temples were fairly balanced between the two teams, but X-Team pressed their advantage on the top lane, taking the fort and a kill.

Following the loss of their fort, Negative Synergy makes an aggressive Sylvanas-led play on the middle X-Team fort. They destroyed it, but also lost 2 heroes in the process. This was pretty rough timing as the second temple on the bottom spawned.

From this point on, Negative Synergy just could not regain any ground. They were 1.5 levels behind going into the 3rd temple set, and lose another team fight 0-2. X-Team continued to push the top lane, and attempted to take Negative Synergy’s bruiser camp. Negative Synergy was able to push X-Team away from the camp, but lost a team fight 1-3, and only gained the bruisers for it.

After the 4th temple set, X-Team was up on levels 19-15, and took the boss at 13 minutes. This boss push let X-Team take both the bottom and middle keeps. After pulling back from the boss push, X-Team wins the last team fight 4-1 and pushes on to finish off Negative Synergy’s core.

Overall, X-Team had 15 takedowns and Negative Synergy had 4. Negative Synergy’s defense consisted of just the top lane keep, while X-Team still had their top fort and all 3 keeps.

Post Match 2 Standings
First Group Stage standings after 2 Matches

X-Team takes the series 2-0.

Following the first 2 matches, here’s the updated Group A Bracket:

Updated Group A Bracket
Group A Bracket, middle of Day 1

Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship First Group: Renovatio vs MVP Black


It’s Day 1 of the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship! Held in Stockholm, Sweden, the first match of the day was between Phillipines’ Renovatio 1 and South Korea’s MVP Black.

BattleGrounds Match 1
Map choices for Match 1

Game 1: Cursed Hollow

MVP Black is the reigning Spring Global Champions, and it certainly showed in the first game. Although far from a blowout, MVP Black started to push Renovatio around at about the 7 minute mark.

Match 1 Game 1 Full Draft
Full draft, Game 1: Renovatio vs MVP Black

While Renovatio claimed the first tribute, MVP Black took the first kill and the second tribute. Renovatio hit level 10 first, and put up a great fight at the 3rd tribute spawn. This first team fight was a fantastic way to kick off the Summer Global Championship, but ultimately MVP Black takes the tribute and wins the team fight 4-2.

During MVP Black’s first curse, Renovatio played extremely aggressively, pushing the top lane hard. This forced MVP Black to split most of their resources into defense rather than capitalizing on their own curse. However, this aggressive play left Renovatio with a few too many deaths, leaving MVP Black to take both bosses. The push with the bottom boss took out Renovatio’s Keep.

In the end, Renovatio had to fight 4-5 to try and stop MVP Black’s game-winning boss, but was simply unable to deal with their opponent’s massive damage.

Overall, MVP Black had 23 takedowns, while Renovatio only had 5. MVP Black lost only 1 fort throughout the game.

Game 2: Sky Temple 

While Game 1 was much closer, MVP Black gave us a much more dominating performance during Game 2.

Match 1 Game 2 Full Draft
Full draft, Game 2: Renovatio vs MVP Black

Right off the bat, MVP Black showed just how quickly their team comp could tear through Renovatio’s HP. The first kill was against Anub’arak, whose HP pool was completely melted away. After taking most of the shots away from the first set of temples, MVP Black proceeded to steal Renovatio’s Siege Giants and a kill 4 minutes into the game.

After hitting level 10 first, MVP Black wins 2 different team fights, first 3-1 and then 3-0 leading into the 3rd set of temples. Their dominance showed in the 4 level lead over Renovatio.

Despite being 4 levels behind, Renovatio continued to pick fights, and lost 2 of their heroes while trying to take Siege Giants. Ultimately, MVP Black took the boss and rolled their way into wiping Renovatio and their core at 12:16.

Overall, MVP Black had 22 takedowns, while Renovatio had 1.

After Match 1

MVP Black takes the series 2-0.